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Miss Sports? Here is The Best Mobile Games to Fill The Void

Best Mobile Games to Kill Time

Best mobile games to play on REDMAGIC



Missing the excitement of sports? We do too but we’re here to help you out some. We’ve come up with a list of the top sports games you can play on mobile while you are being safe and relaxing at home.


FIFA Football/Soccer (Free)


For football fans everywhere and soccer fans for those in the US, look no further, we’ve found the mobile game for you. 

Build your ultimate dream team of players and train them up to all-star levels to compete in leagues or in more than 650 events in the World Tour event. You can climb the leaderboards with your team and earn rewards by competing in weekly and monthly events. To top it all off, you can even pit your team and your skills against other players across the world in real-time head-to-head matches.



NBA 2K Mobile (Free) / NBA 2K20


While the NBA season is suspended indefinitely, NBA 2K is not. Basketball fans are in luck as 2K sports has pumped out two games; NBA 2K Mobile & NBA 2K20. The former being a free to play version and the latter being a premium version closer to the console version.

Down to even the camera angles and graphics quality, these games are the real deal to keep any basketball fan going. Thanks to the games’ compatibility with controllers as well, you can hook up your REDMAGIC pro handles and really get the console experience that this game is meant to have. Build your team and compete in seasons or even go head-to-head against other players, it’s the complete NBA experience in the palm of your hands.



Madden Mobile (Free)

Love American Football? Take a look at Madden Mobile to help you fill your need in life that is football!

Build your dream team of the best players to ever grace the NFL and work your way to the SuperBowl. Take to the sidelines and work out the finer details of each and every one of your plays and have complete control on how you take down your opponent. Then, with your dream team and your book of perfect plays, take it online and prove you’re the best by playing against other players. Or hop into Co-op assist and play with your friends, helping them out and working together to win the Superbowl.




F1 Mobile Racing (Free)


For those born with the need for speed, we got you covered with the official game for Formula One Racing.

Customize your car from the ground up or use a car from one of the ten official F1 teams against AI or in real-time against other players. Enjoy the glorious visuals to the max and the customizable controls of REDMAGIC to not only get the best out of the game, but to fully immerse yourself into a high-octane race to the finish!



MLB Perfect Innings 2020 (Free)


Looking to enjoy the all American pass time, baseball? How about some realistic baseball on the phone then? Sounds like fun to us here at REDMAGIC and MLB Perfect Innings 2020 certainly is fun.

Enjoy high quality baseball in quality graphics as you climb the ladders to the top. Collect some of your favorite MLB players of all time or start your own legacy with the new “My Player” option that gives you total control of your own player. With your all-star team and your unique player, go online and climb the ladders or take on other players in real-time.



Ultimate Tennis: 3D Online Sports Game (Free)

Miss watching some of the best athletes in the world duel it out on the tennis court? Then look no more, Ultimate Tennis: 3D Online Sports Game.

Tweak and customize your professional tennis player while you level up your skills to make a unique character that is all your own. Take your player and win World Tours, Leagues and even pit yourself against other players in online matches. To change things up and keep it interesting, develop a team of players and skill them up while you compete against tougher and tougher opponents.



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