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Unlocking the Full Potential of Your REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphone

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphone

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Full Potential

REDMAGIC gaming smartphones have gained a solid reputation for delivering a balance between high performance and endurance. While it is part of our core mission to develop devices that can deliver consistent performance, optimizing your REDMAGIC device for gaming is essential to ensure that high performance is maintained. Whether you're a competitive gamer or a casual enthusiast, these devices benefit from regular maintenance and tweaks to keep them running at their best, just like any other gaming hardware. 


Maintaining your device’s performance doesn’t have to be a complicated process. To ensure that your REDMAGIC continues to perform at its best, this guide will explore some essential tips that’ll help you maintain peak gaming performance on your REDMAGIC smartphone.


Ensure that You’re Using the Latest OS


Regularly upgrading your REDMAGIC device to the latest operating system is a straightforward process that’s crucial for maintaining compatibility and performance. It grants you access to the latest REDMAGIC and Android features, enhanced security, and it guarantees optimum performance for your gaming smartphone. 


REDMAGIC offers more than 2 years of software support, with updates for devices being released at least every 2 months. Ensuring that your phone's GPU drivers are up to date allows you to take full advantage of the latest gaming optimizations, which we will explore further in the next bullet.


Explore Game-Specific Optimization


Game developers hold the keys to how well a game performs on every device, and some games offer in-game optimization settings. Optimizing in-game settings on your REDMAGIC device allows you to tailor your gaming experience to your preferences and hardware capabilities. 


You can take the time to adjust the graphics, texture quality, shadows, and special effects among others. REDMAGIC also offers you the unique ability to change the function of the shoulder triggers, allowing you to gain custom control of how you play each game. Take the time to explore these options and settings to match your REDMAGIC's capabilities.


Maximize the Display Settings


Some of the newer REDMAGIC devices feature a flagship-grade 120 Hz display with a high refresh rate, which can significantly enhance gaming visuals and the display of videos, and improve the way you scroll through socials. Additionally, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro reaches peak brightness at an astounding 1300 nits, giving you just enough illumination to continue gaming in sunny conditions.


Adjusting your display settings can help you take full advantage of these features. Higher refresh rates and a brighter screen can provide smoother, more enjoyable gameplay with reduced input lag.


Regularly Clear-Cached Data 


Just like gaming consoles and PCs, gaming smartphones accumulate cached data over time from the videos you watch and things you search for on websites. Clearing this data regularly can free up internal storage space and make your phone run a little faster, improving your device's overall performance. Of course, your device stores this information so it’ll be easier for you to find, so while that may be the quickest way to do it, you may not want to wipe the cache completely. Smartphones have built-in optimization tools that help simplify this process, so you can clear all unnecessary data and keep everything important. 


Close Background Apps


In addition to the data that’s being stored in the background, unused apps can cause your phone to slow down slightly. Gaming smartphones like the REDMAGIC often include features that allow you to prioritize gaming applications while temporarily suspending background activities. Close, delete, or suspend all unnecessary background apps and processes before gaming to free up the system’s resources. 


Keep Your Phone’s Temperature in Check


Intensive gaming sessions can cause your device to heat up, potentially affecting performance in the long run. That’s why all REDMAGIC smartphones come equipped with advanced cooling systems that prevent your phone from overheating and potentially lagging during intense gaming sessions. 


Even with the built-in cooling mechanisms, all smartphones tend to get warmer with extended use, which is why we also developed a multitude of external cooling devices that can be used with REDMAGIC or other smartphones. Keep an eye on your device's temperature and consider using an external cooling accessory for extended gaming sessions.


Optimize the Battery 


One more thing that can affect your phone’s performance in the long run is the battery, so it's essential to manage your device's battery life effectively. Gaming can be battery-intensive, but so can daily operations like watching streaming and making video calls. Adjust power-saving settings and consider using a high-quality power bank or charging accessories to ensure you never run out of power during a crucial gaming session. Some Android devices also give you the option to partially charge the battery, because charging the device to 100% every time can shorten its lifespan. 


Restore Peak Performance  


Your REDMAGIC device is your gateway to extraordinary gaming adventures. By following these tips and optimizing your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone, you can take your gaming experience to new heights. Enjoy smoother gameplay, and reduced lag, and be fully immersed in the world of mobile gaming.