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REDMAGIC Making Transparent Design Cooler

REDMAGIC Making Transparent Design Cooler

REDMAGIC Transparent Design

Transparency has always been an interesting design style. Everything from watches to even the Nentindo 64 and handheld devices like Gameboys, we are drawn to the transparent design. We love to see how things work and are enraptured at the chance to see all the small details inside our favorite devices. We’re right there with you with this love of transparency, ever since we made the transparent version of the REDMAGIC 6S Pro.

REDMAGIC 6S Pro Transparent Design


The REDMAGIC 6S Pro was our first phone with a transparent back. Due to how hard it is to do the transparent design, we only did half of the back panel. But even with just half of the back being transparent, we did well. It also helps that we chose the half with the built-in turbofan. Since could now see the turbofan, we decided to go a little further and put some RGB lights in there. These RGB lights then turn on when the turbofan is on and it looked glorious. It alone easily made the whole design and all the effort of making a transparent back worth it. The rest of the transparent design then showed as a small window into the phone's inner workings, where we took the liberty to list out some of the awesome, key features of the phone like its Snapdragon 888+ chipset and 165Hz screen refresh rate.

REDMAGIC 7 Transparent Design

Going Full Transparent With REDMAGIC 7 Series

Taking what learned when we made the transparent version for the REDMAGIC 6S Pro, we thought to ourselves “You know what? That wasn’t so hard. It’s time to make the other half transparent!” and so we did, so we did. Since it was so cool before, we kept the RGB lights in the turbofan for the REDMAGIC 7 Series. With both halves of the back of the phone nice and transparent, it gives an awesome view of the inside of the phone. We can see the screws that hold it all together and it gives a nice shiny finish and a very cool look to it overall. 

REDMAGIC 7 Pro Transparent Design

While we left the middle panel of the back of the phone metal, it is for a good cause. With that metal panel, the REDMAGIC 7 Series are better able to stay cool while you game it up in your favorite game. After all, looks are great, but performance is key in the world of gamers.

REDMAGIC Transparent Design

What Does The Future Look Like?

While don’t yet know what the next phone is going to look like just yet, it’s probably a safe bet that the transparent look isn’t going away anytime soon. We’re looking forward to what the next spin our crazy engineers put on transparency and you can bet that we’ll be the first ones to tell you all about it.