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Learn More About the Technology That Brings You the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro

Learn More About the Technology That Brings You the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro


Just when you thought we couldn’t get any cooler, REDMAGIC is delivering a fresh wave of chilling sensations with our latest REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro. Sure, our previous collection of cooling accessories still works rather beautifully with older devices. However, the growing demand for an even more efficient cooling system comes as a result of the more powerful smartphones that are coming onto the scene, and the demanding games they’re built to accommodate. These demanding games can overwork the CPU, which is one of the main reasons for an overheating phone, as explained by Avast. 

Now, overheating is the last thing we want you to worry about when you’re gaming, so we always make a plan. The cooling accessory will hit the global market on April 15 at $59, and pre-order is already available. Let’s delve deeper into the details of the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro. 


The Soothing Power of Liquid


PCMag recommends that your phone’s temperature should stay between 0-35°C, however, temperatures can hit the 40° mark and that’s when you’ll start to experience problems that can ultimately damage your phone. 

The magic within the new cooler comes from the industry’s largest VC Liquid Cooling Plate that measures in at an impressive 3060mm². The  high thermal conductivity liquid cooling plate combined with a powerful 7-blade fan and a custom REDMAGIC TEC Cooling Plate delivers a cooling sensation that drops device temperatures by up to 35°C.


This is the only temperature control system in the industry that utilizes the soothing power of liquid, which is why it can take the temperature of your device from 28°C to 0 in half a minute, never leaving you in the heat for too long.


Enough Room for Ventilation 


The REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro features a unique floating air duct design that prevents hand disruptions while gaming, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay. Additionally, this design also enhances thermal conductivity by an impressive 153%, ensuring optimal cooling performance for prolonged gaming sessions.


Dual Attachment Convenience 


One of the best features on the new REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro is the magnetic snap attachment that works seamlessly with compatible devices, including iPhone. Additionally, the cooler has a clip on attachment option that’s perfect for devices that aren’t magnetic.

This makes the cooler convenient to use on all your smartphones, not just your gaming gear. Brad Linder who writes for Liliputing says his device often starts to overheat when shooting 4K videos, and he can see how the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro would be useful in those scenarios. The cooler’s shape also allows it to also be used as a phone stand, which would be handy for those long recording sessions.


A Silent Operator 


The downside to using an external cooler while recording videos would be the sound of the fan causing a noise and disrupting the sound quality of the video.  In the same way, noise disruptions can get in the way of you protecting yourself from a sniper in Warzone Mobile. 


The REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro emits a low noise level of around 35 db to deliver a powerful but quiet breeze and avoid the noise disturbances. According to the Audicus report on noise levels of everyday sounds, 35 db is equivalent to a nearby whisper or quiet library sounds. This house level is perfect to maintain concentration during intense gameplay.


AI-Powered Thermal Control 


For Android users, the new REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro comes with an additional feature that makes it even more convenient to use. The REDMAGIC AI Thermal Control feature allows the cooler to automatically adjust the phone’s temperature on demand. 

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in thermal control has been recognised as one of the ways AI will revolutionize the way we live in the near future, and we’ve already begun integrating it into our accessories. This feature can be accessed through the Goper app, which isn’t available on iOS yet. 


Always Look the Part


It wouldn’t be a REDMAGIC accessory without the aesthetic to match its power. To complement the straightforward shape and transparent design of the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro, we’ve integrated a host of RGB enhancements that emphasize its readiness to perform. Explore the variety of custom RGB light effects that you can mix and match to fit your preferred style.


Stay Ready, Stay Chilled, and Game On


The REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro is a game-changer in smartphone cooling technology. It keeps your phone cool during intense gaming sessions with its advanced features like the VC Liquid Cooling Plate and powerful 7 blade fan. 


The convenience of dual attachment options, low noise operation, and AI-powered thermal control further enhance the user experience, making it a versatile and essential accessory for gamers and content creators alike. Plus, it’s easy to use and has cool RGB lighting options. Are you ready for a cooler gaming experience? Pre-order yours today and feel the difference for yourself.