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Getting More Out Of Your REDMAGIC Smartphone Battery

Getting More Out Of Your REDMAGIC Smartphone Battery

REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphones Battery

Did you know that your average smartphone battery will last you about 3 to 5 years? It doesn’t sound like a long time, but in the world of smartphones where every year is a new upgrade, that’s 3 to 5 generations. That’s like going from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 13. I don’t think I can really remember what an iPhone 8 was like, and I for sure can’t imagine the amount of upgrade that would feel like for someone.


But sometimes though, you just have an old favorite phone that you want to keep using for any number of reasons. What can you do to help keep it running longer then? Well, there are a few rules of thumb you can follow that will supposedly help to keep the battery life nice and healthy. Like not letting the battery drain all the way or to stop charging it after it reaches 100% power. Following simple rules of thumb might be good ways to extend your battery life, but there’s no real way to know whether they work.


What if I told you that REDMAGIC gaming smartphones you probably want to keep for YEARS, have special tricks up their sleeves to keep that battery life going? Sounds awesome ya? That awesomely powerful REDMAGIC phone you’re emulating your old favorite SNES and Playstation games on isn’t going to crap out in 3-5 years with a bad battery. It has the potential to last quite a bit longer, if you use it juuuuust right, we’re gonna tell ya how.


How Do REDMAGIC Gaming Phones Ensure Better Than Average Battery Life?

REDMAGIC’s greatest strength, our ability to keep the phone cool while gaming so there are no frame drops in your games is also REDMAGIC’s greatest strength at extending the phone’s battery life. How is that you may as ask?


As the phone gets hot and the battery gets hot it interferes with the chemical reaction going on inside the battery when it is either charging or discharging usable energy for the phone. Interfering with the chemical reaction upsets a delicate balance and causes damage to the fragile inner elements of the battery, thus shortening the battery’s lifespan. Therefore keeping the battery cool is paramount in maintaining its lifespan, something that REDMAGIC gaming smartphones like the REDMAGIC 7 Series phones do super well.


Staying Cool To Last Longer

REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphone ICE Cooling Stystem

The awesome cooling capabilities of REDMAGIC’s ICE Cooling systems quickly transfers the heat away from the battery. You may have experienced this by feeling the phone getting warm, that is the heat transfer in action as it moves from level to level in the ICE Cooling system. The final stage of the cooling process is when the heat is whisked away by the built-in turbo fan or when it escapes through the phone itself, all of this is happening at the same time.


Thus our awesome cooling tech in the REDMAGIC gaming smartphones not only gives you the best gaming experience on mobile, but it keeps your smartphone running longer than your average smartphone too.


The Ultimate Battery Saving Feature - Charge Separation

REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphones Charge Separation Technology

Originally we came up with this idea to help improve the gaming experience for players that like to game for long marathons. Players who like to charge their phone while also playing their favorite game like COD: Mobile or Genshin Impact are more likely to experience the phone feeling warmer, so we set out to give them a good gaming experience by preventing this heat. Our genius solution was Charge Separation.


Instead of charging the battery when you’re plugged in, you can opt to turn on Charge Separation and tell the REDMAGIC smartphone to power itself directly from the power cord. This power will bypass the battery completely, not using it at all. By not charging the battery up while at the same time using the power needed to play intense games, it keeps the thermals down so the games run smoothly and the phone won’t feel hot in your hands.


The added benefit to this Charge Separation though is that it extends the life of the battery a fair bit. If you are not using the battery to power the phone or charging it up, it’s just sitting there happily, not using up its lifetime supply of charging and discharging.


REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler

REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler

The REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler accessory is also a great additional tool that can be used to help extend the life span of your REDMAGIC’s battery. Same as before, the main idea behind the Turbo Cooler is to keep the phone as a whole at a nice cool temperature while you’re gaming it up. Thus as a byproduct of this, it will help your battery out while playing games as well.


What if you don’t have a Turbo Cooler? That’s ok, the phone will continue to perform optimally without harming the battery, but having a Turbo Cooler just helps to ensure your gaming experience while on the go is as good as it can be.