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Exploring the REDMAGIC Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

Exploring the REDMAGIC Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

Exploring the REDMAGIC Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

A fast processor and a response rate that can meet the demands of every game is the bare minimum you expect from a gaming smartphone. However, we know that those two features have a great impact on the lifespan of the battery, and using the phone at its peak will certainly cause it to overheat relatively quicker. REDMAGIC was created with gamers in mind, and all our devices are designed and built to combat the little nuances that make gaming less enjoyable on regular devices. 


Let’s dive into the features that make REDMAGIC an epic gaming smartphone that caters to all gamers, regardless of the version you have. These are the things that elevate your gaming experience when you switch from gaming on a regular phone to a gaming smartphone.  


High Sensitivity Shoulder Triggers

Exploring the REDMAGIC Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

Aesthetically and functionally, the shoulder triggers transform the standard smartphone into a portable console that’s comfortable to hold and doubles as a phone. When we launched the REDMAGIC Mars in 2018, the high-sensitivity shoulder triggers were a feature that solidified our position as a gaming smartphone, differentiating our devices from others and forever transforming the way mobile gamers experience their mobile sports. 


They’ve been improved from 500 Hz on the REDMAGIC 7 and 7 Pro, to 520 Hz on the REDMAGIC 7 S Pro and the latest REDMAGIC 8 Pro. The 520Hz dual shoulder triggers are currently the fastest in the game, and if you’re betting on anyone to improve that rate, you can count on REDMAGIC to be the first to meet your expectations. 


Blazing Fast Screen 

Exploring the REDMAGIC Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

In 2023, the standard screen refresh rate for a “fast screen” is anything close to 120 Hz. That’s fast enough to accommodate the multitude of mobile games that are being released with incredible graphics and need a compatible phone to enjoy their full scale. While all REDMAGIC devices are equipped with a powerful screen and a rapid refresh rate, the REDMAGIC 5G which was released in 2020 has an incredible 144 Hz refresh rate, and we’ve stretched the limits of our potential with the REDMAGIC 6 which has the fastest mobile screen in the industry with a groundbreaking 165 Hz refresh rate. 


Pushing the boundaries has allowed us to create a screen that can maintain a stable peak frame rate and deliver the smoothest gaming experience throughout the day. This is a testimony to our dedication to meeting gamers’ needs, and it’s a feature that REDMAGIC will never compromise on. 


In addition to the screen having an ultra-fast refresh rate, the high touch sampling rate means that every tap on the screen will be registered as a strike, allowing you to attack just as quickly as you can move across the battlefield. REDMAGIC is also the only gaming smartphone that has a completely notch-less display that allows a complete view of the playing field. This is a unique feature that’s available only on the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, 7 S Pro, and the REDMAGIC 8 Pro. 


A Long Lasting Battery

Exploring the REDMAGIC Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

Gaming on your phone comes with the added benefit of allowing you to play from anywhere, and the last thing any gamer wants is to run out of juice at the height of the game. REDMAGIC devices are equipped with a battery big enough to power and keep up with all the features that make it a powerful device, ranging from 3800 mAh in the REDMAGIC Mars to 6000 mAh dual-cell battery in the REDMAGIC 8 Pro. 


The Device that Stays Cooler for Longer 

Exploring the REDMAGIC Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

An overheating device is the biggest turn-off during a heated game, and you should honestly never have to stop playing at the peak of your enjoyment. We introduced the internal high-speed centrifugal cooling fan in 2019 with the release of the REDMAGIC 3S. Paired with the ICE cooling mechanism, the REDMAGIC cooling process ensures that even if the device does start to get warmer, it doesn’t slow down the device and ultimately your performance. 


REDMAGIC has taken it to the next level by developing a range of external cooling attachments that can be used with other smartphones, to deliver REDMAGIC cooling mechanism benefits to all gamers. 


Catering to Mobile Gamers Since Day One


REDMAGIC devices are the most affordable option in the gaming smartphone industry, making them the obvious go-to if you’re looking to have a phone that’s completely dedicated to the game. It’s quite common for avid gamers to have separate devices for gaming and everyday use, but REDMAGIC makes it possible to have your gaming smartphone as your daily driver. What are some of your favorite features that make the REDMAGIC your go-to gaming smartphone? Share your thoughts on the REDMAGIC social media pages and engage with the rest of the community.