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Diving Into Gaming Reality with the REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor

Diving Into Gaming Reality with the REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor

REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor

On the quest to deliver out-of-this-world gaming experiences, REDMAGIC has officially chartered new territory. It’s the culmination of everything that we strive to deliver in a display, and it’s bigger than anything we’ve ever made. The REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor is the ultimate monitor for gamers, compatible with virtually any console to transform your favorite pastime into a gaming reality of more than 10 billion visible colors. 


The 27-inch REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor has an electrifying refresh rate of up to 160 Hz that’s made to keep up with the game, whether you’re connected to a gaming PC, Xbox, or a gaming smartphone like the REDMAGIC 8 Pro. To top it off, it has an output of 90W that charges your phone or devices like the REDMAGIC mouse or keyboard effortlessly while you play.


The Images Are Remarkable

REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor

The best part of playing video games is their ability to transport you to an alternate state of mind where you can be in control of the outcome, or the gaming dimension if you will. Every new generation of gaming console and every new version of a game strives to deliver the most life-like images and realistic speeds to achieve this very goal.


To bring even the finest details to life, the REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor is packed with a total of 2304 MiniLED lights to achieve 3840 x 2160 Ultra High-Definition resolution that’s ideal for animated images and can do wonders for displaying movies and videos. The MiniLED lights are much smaller than standard LEDs, allowing more individual lights to be placed on the panel for incredible image accuracy. Whether you’re playing RPG, MOBA, or FPS games, you can count on this monitor to transport you to a gaming reality of superior magnitudes. 


Everything Moves at Incredible Speeds

REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor

Expect very fluid motion for every move you make while playing on this monitor. The ultra-quick response rate of the REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor is delivered by AUO 7.0 Fast IPS panels that work in unison with the multiple MiniLED lights to let you strike on demand at lightning speeds, so you’re always a step ahead of the opponent. 


It gives you a wide refresh rate range of between 48 Hz - 160 Hz, making it fully compatible with even slower consoles like the Steam Deck. When connected to a gaming PC, it can reach more than 280 Frames Per Second (FPS) to keep up with high-intensity games like Spiderman Miles Morales with no lagging and no glitches in the image, according to tests done on the ETA Prime YouTube page.  


Get the Full View from Anywhere in the Room 

REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor

Every part of this monitor is created to put you in full control, from the multiple connectivity options to the wide viewing angle and flexible orientation provided by the monitor stand. A wider 178° viewing angle permits complete clarity of the screen whether you’re sitting right in front of it or slightly off-center, and it has the same effect as an anti-glare film to deliver perfect color saturation to anyone who’s looking at the screen. This is ideal in multiplayer settings where you’ll likely be sitting side-by-side with your opponent, like FIFA.  


The REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor comes with a monitor stand that grants you even more flexibility in the screen. It allows the monitor to be raised or lowered to suit different height needs, plus it can be tilted up or down to maximize the view even further for taller or shorter gamers. To extend the 178° viewing angle, the monitor can swivel side-to-side to catch the gaze of the gamer that’s playing from the furthest corner of the room. 


The final trick is the monitor stand’s ability to fully rotate to accommodate a vertical display, which comes in handy when there’s a phone connected to the monitor. The built-in gravity sensor automatically adjusts the display so you don’t have to fiddle with the settings every time you want to connect.

What You Can Expect


To get you started, the REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor comes with the various connection cables you’ll need to maximize your gaming, including an HDMI cable for consoles, and a Type-C cable for your smartphone. These are essential for delivering the HDR 1000 display that the monitor is capable of, plus the three color modes (Adobe RGB, sRGB, and DCI-P3). You can connect two USB * 2 and a USB 3 cable, two HDMI 2.1 cables, plus it has a DC and a DP that you can utilize.


The monitor stand is designed to neatly hide all the connected cables, eliminating the possibility of the built-in RGB lights casting cable shadows on the wall. The RGB light enhancements complete the entire gaming aesthetic by allowing you to change the background colors to match the scene and the mood. 

A Dream, Materialized 


We’ve broken new ground to establish REDMAGIC as a leader in a whole new level of gaming hardware, the REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor is a proud testament to our journey. Perhaps the most unique feature of the gaming monitor is the REDMAGIC console mode. 


When connected to the monitor, every aspect of the mobile game sphere is configured to fit the 27-inch screen perfectly with no pixelation or glitching. The specs of an ordinary mobile game look like they were made for the big screen, and the play is as smooth as ever.  Are you ready for the next level of gaming displays?