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Complete Multiple Tasks and Win Multiple Games with the Split Screen Function

Complete Multiple Tasks and Win Multiple Games with the Split Screen Function

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Dual Gameplay

Having a bigger screen on your mobile device not only lets you see more but also allows you to get more done, especially with the latest Android 13 OS devices which have the split screen function already built-in. This innovative feature allows you to run two apps simultaneously on a single screen, completely transforming the way we interact with our devices. 


Perhaps one of the most exciting applications for the split screen function is in the realm of mobile gaming, where the traditional limits of mobile gaming are shattered and gamers can do more on their phones while they concur on the battlefields. It has enabled a new world of completely immersive gaming that can be best enjoyed on a true full screen like that on the REDMAGIC 8 series.


Elevate Gaming with Split Screen Functionality


On a regular smartphone, the split screen function lets you enjoy the benefits of increased productivity by allowing you to simultaneously be present in a conference meeting while looking at notes, you can keep yourself entertained by catching up on videos while responding to text messages. 


But imagine you’re an avid gamer who’s deeply engrossed in an action-packed game that demands quick reflexes and strategic decision-making. Let’s explore the different ways the split screen function can help you elevate your game.


Accessing the Split Screen


You’ve probably figured out how to access the split screen function on your REDMAGIC device, but if not, here’s a simple guide you can follow on YouTube by 9to5Google.


Play Two Games

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Dual Gameplay

The most notable benefit is the ability to play more than one game at the same time. Though it may not make sense to play two hardcore games simultaneously because they require plenty of focus, a casual game can be run alongside a puzzle game easily. Alternatively, you could enjoy multiplayer games by potentially casting one-half of the screen onto an external display while gaming perfectly well on the other half of the smartphone. Thanks to the 120 Hz screen refresh rate, your performance won’t be slowed down by having multiple windows open.


Real-Time Strategizing


Hardcore games that require intensive strategizing can be simplified by splitting the game screen and opening a research tab where you can find out the best plays to make without pausing or stopping the whole game. You can toggle through YouTube videos, websites, and gamer forums to find game tactics and walkthroughs that are sure to keep you on top of your game and ahead of the competition. This quick access to resources empowers you with the knowledge to adapt to and concur challenges more efficiently and without the loss of game time.


Collaborative Gaming


Take multi-player games to the next level by accessing multiple levels of communication to plan your attack against the enemy. A successful way to confuse the enemy in a game like PUBG is to plan a false strategy on the game’s platform while discussing the real plan of action on a private messaging platform. REDMAGIC’s split-screen function allows you to text your friend group or participate in conference calls while you game, opening a whole new line of communication for your victory.


Uninterrupted Recording and Gameplay Sharing


For content creators and streamers, the split screen function can save you plenty of editing time by simultaneously letting you play on the smartphone while recording your interaction with the game using the selfie cam. The notch-less screen will maintain the same high-resolution display even while the under-display camera is hard at work. And if reactions aren’t your vibe, you can just use the split screen function to manage the recording settings and make all the necessary adjustments before sharing the video.


Unveil New Gaming Possibilities

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Dual Gameplay

Beyond productivity, the split-screen function heightens the entertainment value of your already powerful REDMAGIC devices. It transcends the traditional limitations of smaller screens to provide users with a flexible and dynamic way to multitask effectively. This feature has also elevated the realm of gaming by facilitating real-time communication, providing access to gaming resources, and opening new lines of communication for multi-player strategizing. It’s a function that stands as a testament to the evolution of smartphones, highlighting the innovative possibilities of technology in the future.