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Choosing The Right REDMAGIC 7 Series

Choosing The Right REDMAGIC 7 Series

With more and more awesome games coming to mobile like the recent launch Apex Legends Mobile, it is high time for you to get a gaming smartphone. But what phone to get? It will have to be a powerful phone, able to game for hours on end, and also be comfortable to play games on. It will have to be a gaming smartphone, a flagship gaming smartphone. You’re in luck then, cause there are two REDMAGIC flagship gaming smartphones available this year, the REDMAGIC 7 and the REDMAGIC 7 Pro. Not sure which one to get though? No worries, we’re going to take a look at them here for you so you can decide which one is the right gaming smartphone for you.

REDMAGIC 7 Series Gaming Smartphone

REDMAGIC Displays To Swear By

Ask any gamer and they’ll tell you that the screen on mobile is one of the most important things to them. It needs to be large, crystal clear, have sharp details, smooth, and super responsive. All hallmarks of REDMAGIC phones with our amazing screens and up to 165Hz displays and 720Hz touch sampling rates. This year we’ve changed it up a little bit though. With the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, we’ve used a different display than the REDMAGIC 7. On the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, you will find that its front-facing camera is actually underneath the display! This means you get to have an awesomely immersive full screen gaming experience. The REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s screen is also super responsive with a 960Hz touch sampling rate, meaning all your actions in games will feel more accurate and snappy. The only downside to these upgrades is that the front-facing camera image quality is a little less sharp and the screen refresh rate tops out at 120Hz, which is fine for nearly all modern games.


The Battery For Your Gameathon Needs

In strict terms of which smartphone has the bigger battery, the REDMAGIC 7 Pro comes out on top with a 5000mAh battery compared to the REDMAGIC 7’s 4500mAh battery. Should you find yourself on a road trip away from a power bank though, both phones will give you hours of gameplay. Now if you have a power bank or if you’re at home though, there is a way to play indefinitely with either phone. Just plug either smartphone into a power source, turn on “Charge Separation” in the Game Space options and you’re good to go. What does this do you wonder? With Charge Separation activated, the smartphone takes power directly from the source without passing it through the battery. In this way the battery remains dormant, not gaining any heat and not being used at all, which helps to extend the battery’s overall lifespan. Pretty awesome right?

REDMAGIC 7 Series Gaming Smartphone-Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Powered By Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

To get the most out of modern mobile games, the REDMAGIC 7 and REDMAGIC 7 Pro are both powered by the latest and most powerful chip for Android devices yet, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The REDMAGIC 7 Pro takes this one step further by using a secondary chip, called the Red Chip 1. This second chip in the REDMAGIC 7 Pro is pretty cool in that it handles features of the phone such as the fan, shoulder triggers, and other inputs, saving processing power for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 so it can give more processing power to your games. Meaning your games will have better overall performances on everything ranging from render distances, graphic quality, responsiveness, load times, etc…


RAM And Storage Options For The REDMAGIC 7 & 7 Pro

On the REDMAGIC 7, it comes with three different levels of RAM at 12GB, 16GB, and 18GB while the REDMAGIC 7 Pro only comes with 16GB of RAM. On the flipside, the REDMAGIC 7 Pro can have either 256GB or 512GB of memory while the REDMAGIC 7 is limited to 128GB or 256GB of memory. 

REDMAGIC 7 Series Gaming Smartphone

Coolest REDMAGIC Design Yet

The REDMAGIC 7 Series has some of the coolest design features we have had yet in a gaming smartphone. With nearly the entire back plate being transparent so you can see all the awesome power of the REDMAGIC 7, including that awesome turbofan with RGB lights. There is also the cool black design called Obsidian. A powerful yet subtle design for a phone that is just waiting to unleash it’s full gaming potential. Then for the REDMAGIC 7 is the unique Pulsar design with it’s eye catching blue and purble colors.


REDMAGIC 7 Series Cooling

With the REDMAGIC 7 we have upgraded our cooling system to ICE 8.0, to attack the problem of heat not only head-on but from various technical directions. It is an air and liquid cooling system layered with advanced heat transfer materials, including an aerospace-grade phase-changing material, to create a passive and active cooling system combo. Inside you will find everything from carbon layers, to vapor chambers, to precious metals, all working together to carry the heat to the wind tunnel that runs along the back of the fan.


In this wind tunnel is REDMAGIC’s famous built-in turbofan, working over time at 20,000 RPMs to blow that hot air out as fast as possible. For theREDMAGIC 7 and the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, you’ll find that we’ve added a second air intake slot on the back of the phone to drastically increase the airflow the phone, without having to put in a second turbofan. We also gave that turbofan a cyberpunk touch on the Supernova(transparent color version) with little RGB lights that turn on when the turbofan is on.


What about theREDMAGIC 7 Pro’s cooling system you may be wondering, is it better than the REDMAGIC 7’s? Yes, it is. We’ve upgraded the vapor chamber massively and increased its volume by 300%! It’s easily one of the biggest vapor chambers you’ll find in a smartphone, and it makes an impact on the cooling. In addition to the larger Vapor Chamber, we redesigned the back plate to be more heat conductive and even placed a special heat conducting metal patch on the REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s protective case, so it can work preferctly with the new REDMAGIC Ice Dock.

REDMAGIC 7 Series Gaming Smartphone

Ready To Get Your REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphone?

You can’t go wrong with either of these two phones really, they’re both great and you can order either one of them right now. If you’re looking for an awesome flagship gaming smartphone, then you can’t go wrong with the REDMAGIC 7. But if you want a totally immersive mobile gaming experience, then you’re gonna want the REDMAGIC 7 Pro.