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The Long Awaited REDMAGIC 8S Pro Early Bird Offer Is Here

The Long Awaited REDMAGIC 8S Pro Early Bird Offer Is Here


Attention all mobile gamers and REDMAGIC fans: The second edition of the REDMAGIC 8 Series is about to make its official landing, and we’re opening the door a little bit earlier for you. All you have to do to Join the Winner’s Circle is spend $1 in the REDMAGIC store, and you’ll get Early Bird Access plus a $30 discount on your REDMAGIC 8S Pro purchase. 


We’ve kept all the things that make the REDMAGIC 8 series iconic the same, like the fastest shoulder triggers in the game, and the more than capable 6000 mAh battery. However, in addition to the more simplified and elegant design, the newest member of the family comes with a few more improvements that are worth the mention. 


The Snappiest Snapdragon


The REDMAGIC 8S Pro is not only the first gaming smartphone to utilize the fastest Snapdragon chipset, but it’s also the first device outside of Samsung Galaxy to maximize the full potential of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Leading Version, making it one of the fastest phones currently available in the market. The chipset has been designed to enhance the experience and performance of connected computing, and it includes desktop-level gaming features according to VentureBeat


The chipset utilized in the REDMAGIC 8 Pro gives a rather powerful 3.2 GHz of CPU clock speed and a 680 MHz Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This is no match for the REDMAGIC 8S Pro, which boasts an improved 3.36 GHz CPU and 719 MHz GPU, enhancing performance and power efficiency. The boost in processing speed improves device performance by 30%, allowing the screen’s framerate to maintain a consistent speed of 59.9 FPS during extended gaming sessions.


An Even Cooler Thermal Control System


It would have been easier and more convenient to just leave the 11 layers of the ICE 11.0 cooling mechanism intact, but to meet the demands of the more powerful chipset, we thought “One more layer won’t hurt”. Introducing the most advanced version of the REDMAGIC cooling mechanism, the ICE 12.0 Thermal Control System. 


It comes with the same benefits as its predecessor, namely, a cooling layer of graphene under the screen that prevents your fingertips from overheating the phone while you play. However, the entire heat dissipation process has been improved by 60% to make the REDMAGIC 8S Pro 2°C cooler during intense gaming sessions and while charging. We achieved this by making the thermal conductivity gel pad twice as thick as before.


Wrapped Together in a Beautiful Design


Our mission with the REDMAGIC 8 series was to combine the powerful mechanics of a gaming smartphone with the sweet and subtle design of an everyday phone. We nailed it with the design of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro and took it a step further with the latest REDMAGIC 8S Pro. We’ll be releasing it in three variations named Midnight, Platinum, and Aurora, all inspired by the mysterious beauty of the cosmos. 


Midnight is solid black and cloaked in obsidian hues, with a 12 GB RAM capacity and 256 GB of memory. Platinum is a mesmerizing silver color that’s reminiscent of the stars in the night sky, packed with 512 GB of memory and 16 GB of RAM. Aurora has the same RAM and memory capacity as Platinum, concealed in a stunning transparent black design that lets you peak at the internal fan and Snapdragon chipset.


Make Your Move

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Early Bird Offer

To be among the first gamers to see just how well the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Leading Version chipset performs inside a gaming smartphone, paired with a 120 Hz screen refresh rate and a cooling mechanism designed for the gamer’s demands, head on over to the REDMAGIC Global store to unlock your Early Bird Offer. 


The voucher gets you access to the phone one day earlier than everyone else, and it’ll remain valid for three weeks after the official REDMAGIC 8S Pro launch. You’ll receive your non-refundable $30 discount voucher via email directly after making the $1 purchase, but please note that you can only use one voucher with each REDMAGIC 8S Pro purchase. The REDMAGIC Early Bird Offer will run from July 27th to August 2nd, so hurry up and make your move. Don’t know what to spend your $1 on? Check out the collection of REDMAGIC accessories, you won’t be disappointed.