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REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Sales Now Open

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Sales Now Open

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Open Sales

We at REDMAGIC are on a constant mission to elevate our offering and deliver premium gaming. Over the past five years, we’ve engaged with our audiences on many levels to find out what they desire most from us and how we could improve their gaming experience. The response has always been that we should expand the REDMAGIC brand.


Our response to this request has been evolving alongside our gaming smartphones with the introduction of accessories like the powerful 100W and 120W charging bricks, the REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler and Ice Dock, and the REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad. This year, we ventured into an alternate gaming universe to create the REDMAGIC PC Gaming line, and it’s definitely a level up on the scale of premium gaming. 


The first to be released in this line was the star of the show, the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor. But no star act is complete with the supporting cast, and the REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mouse are ready to make their official debut on May 18th. 


The REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Bundle

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Open Sales

To celebrate the opening of sales, we’re offering you a $20 discount when you buy the REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard and REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse as a bundle


REDMAGIC  Mechanical Keyboard

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Open Sales

The REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard is designed with a sound-canceling Gasket Structure that delivers very satisfying and silent clicks, plus it’s made using a TTC Speed Silver V2 Switch that has anti-mistouch capabilities for precise commands with every keystroke.  It’s a keyboard that works well with both Windows and Mac systems, and it has fully hot-swappable keys to give you even more customization abilities


It has a tri-connection mode identical to the one the REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse has, to deliver the same uninterrupted gaming experience. However, it is fitted with a fully capable 4000 mAh battery that’ll minimize the need to charge the keyboard constantly.  


The mechanical keyboard is fitted with a unique built-in display screen that keeps you informed about the system parameters, and it has a dial knob that you can utilize to control the parameters. It’s a keyboard that has the iconic RGB lights that grant you up to 10 different light modes.


REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Open Sales

If precision, speed, and longevity are what you look for in a gaming mouse, then the REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse ticks all the boxes. The beautiful, transparent, and lightweight little gadget is powered by a 450 mAh battery that gives it approximately 100 hours of battery life to ensure that it doesn’t run out of juice while you’re playing. And you’ll be playing for hours once you experience the 1000 Hz response rate and precision delivered by the PixArt PAW3395 Sensor. 


It gives satisfying mechanical clicks with every tap, something that can determine your level of comfort when gaming. The mechanical feel is provided by the GM8.0 Black Mamba Micro Switch, and it’s a feeling that’ll last for up to 80 million clicks so you won’t feel like the clicks are getting soft over time. 


The REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse gives you the liberty to connect it to your PC in one of three ways: Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4G, or a cable connection. This is to ensure you can continue playing when the battery runs flat, or you’re experiencing a slow wireless connection.  


REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse Pad

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Open SalesTo complete the setup of your all-new REDMAGIC PC Gaming station, add one of the four REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse Pads to your cart. They’ll also be available on the online store starting May 18th. You have the option of three 400 x 450 mm mouse pads, two of which have a Mora design and one having a slightly harder top surface, and a Defender design. The four mouse pad is much larger, measuring 400 x 900 mm to give you enough room to move around while gaming. 


Are you looking for a way to enhance your gaming experience?


Look no further than the new REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mouse! Upgrade your PC gaming experience and save $20 on our Keyboard and Mouse bundle. Don't forget to check out the REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse Pad, available in four different sizes to suit your needs.