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REDMAGIC Gaming Is Evolving

REDMAGIC Gaming Is Evolving

REDMAGIC Gaming Evolution Pre-launch

Not only are we bringing out possibly the coolest gaming smartphone yet, but we are also taking REDMAGIC to the next evolution of gaming. I hope you are ready, because the time has come for REDMAGIC to start entering the world of PC gaming! 


REDMAGIC 8 Pro New Color

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Coming Soon

If you thought the transparent look of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Void was cool, you’re gonna be absolutely blown away with Titanium. Just like the void version, it has a fully transparent back and instead of black, it is a metallic white like color, giving it a clean, futuristic look to an already awesome design. 


REDMAGIC’s First Steps Into PC Gaming

Join us as we evolve not only ourselves but gaming as you know as we move into the PC gaming world with our newest upcoming products. 

REDMAGIC PC Gaming Coming Soon

Our first foray into PC gaming is with some awesome accessories. A slick mouse pad, a custom gaming mouse, and a custom gaming keyboard. The best though is the 4K gaming monitor we are making. 


REDMAGIC’s Gaming Monitor

REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor Coming Soon

Rocking a beautiful 4K resolution at 160Hz, this mini-LED display is going to blow you away. With a beast of a monitor like this on the way, you will want to make sure you have all the free time you can get because when this monitor is available you’re gonna want all the time you can get to enjoy all your favorite games at that super smooth 160Hz at glorious 4K. 


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