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REDMAGIC Fam Roll Call Giveaway

REDMAGIC Fam Roll Call Giveaway

REDMAGIC Fam Roll Call Giveaway

As the awesome new transparent color for the REDMAGIC 8 Pro is almost here, we wanna hear directly from everyone. We wanna hear what it was that made REDMAGIC your go to gaming smartphone brand of choice. But we want more than words though, we wanna meet you in video. So suit up or armor up, and get those cameras ready. 


We’ll narrow down the best videos into a video compilation and one lucky video will win a brand new transparent Titanium REDMAGIC 8 Pro! Do I have your attention yet? Let’s get into the details then. 


Tell Us About Your REDMAGIC Experience 

REDMAGIC Fam Roll Call Giveaway

Start from the beginning if you can still remember it (for our old time fans) and tell us how and when you first learned about REDMAGIC. What converted you from the lesser phone brands for a superior gaming smartphone like REDMAGIC? Was it our awesome gamer designs? Our gaming specific features? Or the raw, overwhelming power that REDMAGIC phones always have? Or was it something else? Let us know in your video. 


Most importantly, be sure to share how your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone has improved your gaming experience. 


What Else Should You Include?


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Share your name and where you’re from, it’s really cool to see just how international our fans are. Also share with us what your favorite game is and how your REDMAGIC is helping you to win your games. 


Don’t Have A REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphone?


No worries, you can still share a video with us for a chance to be included in the video compilation as well as a chance to win a REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium


Just share a video introducing yourself along with where you are from and tell us what it is about the REDMAGIC that has caught your attention and why you want to switch from your current smartphone.


How To Submit Your Video


Upload your video to social media using the hashtag #REDMAGICFAMROLLCALL so our social media team can see it. For extra chances to win, don’t forget to comment, like, and share about #REDMAGICFAMROLLCALL on social media


For an example on how a video should go, here is the lovely Mora showing us how it’s done:


How Winners will be chosen

We’ll be taking 3 aspects to consideration when picking the winner:

- Best Story with REDMAGIC

- Length of fandom 

- Quality of the video, meaning it is clear and not blurry, and also shot and edited well.


As quick wrap up, here are the things you should mention in your video:


1️⃣Name or gamer tag


3️⃣How long you’ve been a REDMAGIC Fan

4️⃣How did you hear about REDMAGIC

5️⃣What attracted you initially

6️⃣Favorite game and how REDMAGIC changed your gaming experience


We look forward to seeing great videos from everyone! 


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