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How Does the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Size Up to Its Competitors?

How Does the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Size Up to Its Competitors?

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Gaming Smartphone

If you haven’t heard by now, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro is one of the best gaming smartphones currently on the market, and it’s successfully made its way onto more than one of “the best gaming smartphones” lists to make this statement true. When put to the test against other devices in its league, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro stands out for its refined craftsmanship and attention to detail for the needs of gamers. 


It made its way onto Tom’s Guide’s most recent list of The Best Gaming Phones in 2023 for having the “best gaming phone value” and has been voted the “best overall gaming smartphone” by the trusted reviewers at Android Police in their list of the 9 Best Gaming Phones in 2023. We’ll look at these and a few other reviews where the REDMAGIC 8 Pro is put head-to-head with its closest competitors, and give you some insight into why it appears to dominate across the board. 


A Highly Competitive Performer

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Gaming Smartphone

Whether you’re looking for a daily driver or a device that you can completely dedicate to the game, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro has been hailed as one of the few devices that can do both quite outstandingly. Here is a compilation of media mentions that recognize this device as one of the best in the market. 


XDA Developers: Best Gaming Phones in 2023


XDA DEvelopers’ list rated the REDMAGIC 8 Pro as having the best Gamer Aesthetic, noting that the built-in RGB lighting and internal fan were features synonymous with gamers and gaming devices. “It’s clear that this device is made to game.”, says Ryan-Thomas Shaw who also says that this device is one of the last few that have a port for earphones, which is great for competitive gaming. 


Game Rant: The Best Gaming Phones in 2023


If there’s one thing that gamers need from their device, it’s endurance. Game Rant has listed the REDMAGIC 8 Pro as the gaming phone with the best battery life, stating that it has “class-leading battery life with fast charging. Rahim Amir mentions that the design of our latest device has a simple aesthetic that blends in with other phones while delivering truly powerful gaming specs, which is one of the things we sought to achieve with the REDMAGIC 8 Pro.


Android Police: 9 Best Gaming Phones in 2023


“For gaming and high-intensity applications, it’s the best phone”. These are the views of Matthew Scholtz of the Android Police. The REDMAGIC 8 Pro was ranked the best overall phone on this list. The improvements that REDMAGIC has been making over the years shine through in this latest offering that stands tall “against any game you throw at it.”


Tom’s Guide: The Best Gaming Phones in 2023


According to Tom’s Guide, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro has the best gaming phone value, offering “the best performance-per-dollar of any phone on the market”. Earlier in the year, Tom’s Guide had predicted that the REDMAGIC 8 Pro would be among the best gaming smartphones to be released this year, and we’re glad they were correct in their predictions. They had said that the latest Snapdragon silicon would be a feature guaranteed to blow away nearly all the rivals, a statement that has stood the test of time. 


Undeniably Fantastic

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Gaming Smartphone

The goal is to win more games, and the REDMAGIC 8 Pro is the perfect gadget to add to your collection to make that happen. Check out the full reviews and get complete comments from trusted sources to help you make the best purchase decision of the year.