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FAQ Ordering And Pre-ordering The REDMAGIC 8 Pro

FAQ Ordering And Pre-ordering The REDMAGIC 8 Pro

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Shipping Notice

The REDMAGIC 8 Pro is our latest and greatest gaming smartphone and we are immensely proud of it, therefore we are even more ecstatic to see how much everyone else loves it. We did not foresee just how much everyone would love the new REDMAGIC 8 Pro and that we would sell every device we currently have within the first week! We can’t believe it, and we thank each and everyone of you for choosing REDMAGIC as your next gaming smartphone of choice. 


REDMAGIC 8 Pro Shipping Notice


To make good on our promise to be the best gaming smartphone brand for you, we are working around the clock to make sure everyone gets their REDMAGIC 8 Pro gaming smartphone. We understand that there has been some confusion for some customers when trying to place their first orders or customers who ore pre-ordering now. To help clear up any confusion, please review the following FAQ. 


Q1: Why have some people already received their REDMAGIC 8 Pro when they placed their order later than me?

A: It depends on the destination of the order. We have six warehouses globally, and we ship the devices from the corresponding warehouse.


Q2: Why did my order change to pre-order whenI finished my payment?

A: Your order might have been placed while the on-sale inventory ran out of stock, or at the same time that we were updating the website to show “Matte/Void to Matte(pre-order/Void(pre-order)”, as you were finishing payment. That’s why your order changed pre-order.


Q3: I have to place a pre-order. But someone have placed a normal sale order later than me?

A: The available inventory varies for different store and color. Someone from another country or region may be able to place an order if their store has stock.


Q4: When will my pre-ordered REDMAGIC 8 Pro be shipped?

A: Pre-ordered REDMAGIC 8 Pros are estimated to be shipped on February 20th.


Should you still have questions, please email us at or DM us on our social media channels and we will do our best to get back to you.


Please track your order shipping status in this link. You will get a notification email as soon as your order is shipped out.


Thank you for your patience and continued support in the REDMAGIC brand. We are dedicated to bringing you the best mobile gaming experience possible and we will continue to work hard to ensure everyone gets their REDMAGIC 8 Pro gaming smartphone within a timely manner.