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Celebrating 5 Years of REDMAGIC Innovation with an Epic Live Event

Celebrating 5 Years of REDMAGIC Innovation with an Epic Live Event

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event

It’s already been five years of REDMAGIC, but it feels like we’re only at the start of our journey. When REDMAGIC was established as a part of Nubia in 2017, we sought to combine the sleek and ergonomic design that already existed with a completely powerful and out-of-this-world gaming performance. The result has not only stood the test of time, but REDMAGIC has grown exponentially in the mobile gaming sphere and beyond. 


In addition to finally achieving a completely transparent, silver design on the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium, REDMAGIC recently ventured into PC gaming to offer top-of-the-line accessories that are perfect for PC gaming and can also level up your mobile games. The countdown to the REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event has officially begun, join us as we explore the timeline and history of REDMAGIC and take a look into what the future holds. 


What’s in Store at the Live Event


Bring out your virtual black ties and cocktail dresses to the most auspicious REDMAGIC event of the year. On the agenda is a glance at the history and future of REDMAGIC's pursuit to deliver Gametime. Anytime. This will be facilitated by two of the finest hosts known to the mobile gaming world.  



Taking us on this Magical journey are YouTube creators SirPugger and Beaulo who have a total of more than 289 million views on their YouTube videos, and have about a decade of experience creating captivating content. We’re excited to have them as our hosts for this special 5th-anniversary event.



You can always count on REDMAGIC to turn every event into a chance for our patrons to win some awesome merchandise. Upon registration for the live event, you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win one of four REDMAGIC products, namely a brand-new REDMAGIC 8 Pro, a REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard, or one of two REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse. 



REDMAGIC 8 Pro Gaming Smartphone

This flagship smartphone that comes in three colors is a powerful device, and one of the first gaming smartphones to use the iconic Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. It has a sleek, simple, and stylish design that captures the essence of what the future of mobile gaming looks like. One lucky attendee will be the new owner of the fastest and coolest gaming smartphone of the year.


REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard

Part of our new line of PC gaming equipment, the REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard is a dream come true for anyone who wants to customize their gaming setup without compromising on the performance of the equipment. It offers very satisfying mechanical clicks and features the iconic RGB backlight that every gamer is familiar with.


REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse

REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse

Another member of our PC gaming line, the REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse is a lightweight weapon that delivers sharp and swift movements to ensure incredible accuracy in every game. It has a transparent design that fits beautifully with the entire PC gaming range and the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, to complete the look of your game space. 

Event Details


The event’s registration form includes a few simple questions that’ll help us get to know you a little better and give you a chance to ask any burning questions you’d like us to answer at the event. Registrations for the REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event are already open, and we’ll start the official warm-up to the event on May 10th. The REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event will take place on May 18th.  


A Night to Remember


This event marks a milestone in everyone’s lives at REDMAGIC and Nubia. It symbolizes that we’re on the right path to achieving what we set out to achieve at the start of the journey in 2017, which is delivering the most complete gaming experience on mobile, and beyond. As excited as we are for the rest of the journey, we’re ecstatic that you'll be joining us for the ride. 


Register now to be a part of the memorable REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event, and stand a chance to win one of the four fantastic prizes. We’re also giving you exclusive offers as part of our 5th anniversary, so stay tuned to our website and newsletters to find out more.