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A Warm Welcome to the New Members of The Winner’s Circle

A Warm Welcome to the New Members of The Winner’s Circle

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Launch Event Winners' Announcement

Since our establishment in 2017, it’s been our core mission to facilitate the best environment for gamers to thrive, or in more simple terms, to make more winners. This mission extends beyond the design, functionality, and gaming experience of our devices to reach the realm of prizes, giveaways, and price cuts that are guaranteed to make you feel like a winner.  


To celebrate the launch of the new gaming beast, we gave all our patrons a chance to win a free REDMAGIC 8S Pro by assembling the device’s components on our website. Participants also had the chance to win one of three 50% OFF coupons for the REDMAGIC 8S Pro, which is undoubtedly a steal. 


We also threw in a surprise REDMAGIC 8S Pro giveaway for all the people who keep up with REDMAGIC on social media platforms and interact with us regularly, as a token of gratitude to say “we see you”. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. 


REDMAGIC 8S Pro Assemble Winners

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Launch Event Winners' Announcement

After the success of the first one, we decided to hand the Build a REDMAGIC 8 Pro game down to its sibling. REDMAGIC 8S Pro Assemble is an interactive game that allows you to fully connect with the inner workings of the device without physically pulling it apart, and it’s basically a digital representation of what you’ll see through the transparent back panel of the REDMAGIC 8S Pro Aurora. 


To qualify for the random draw, all the components of the device had to be assembled correctly and players had to sign up to receive notifications using a valid email address. The three winners of the 50% OFF coupon are gwgamerwolf from Germany, ZeroC from the Philippines, and Fordzy from Czechia. The lucky winner of a free REDMAGIC 8S Pro is hobbel14 from the UK. Congratulations to all of you, your prizes will be making their way to you. 


Surprise Social Media Giveaway Winner

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Launch Event Winners' Announcement

Our social media platforms allow patrons to ask product-related questions, share their opinions, and find real peer reviews from other REDMAGIC fans. It’s always a pleasure to witness the buzz and the sense of community in the comments section, so we hid a little easter egg there for the loyal commenters who keep the energy flowing. 


To enter the social media giveaway, patrons had to like, comment on their favorite REDMAGIC 8S Pro specs, and share the post, then follow the REDMAGIC page (or unfollow and follow again just to make sure). The lucky winner of a new REDMAGIC 8S Pro is Takami Shiro from the Philippines, who commented “My favorite’s gotta be the new Snapdragon CPU, it’s sure to give a much more smoother experience than ever”. 


There’s Still a Chance to Be a Winner


You still have some time to snag yourself a $30 discount voucher with our Early Bird Offer, just spend $1 in the REDMAGIC store before August 2nd and we’ll send the voucher directly to your inbox so you can use it on the Early Access day.