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What APPs Do You Want For Christmas?

Keeping in touch this holiday season is a little trickier than usual

The holiday season is in full swing and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones is looking to be a little trickier than usual. To help you keep in touch and to still enjoy the festive vibes this year, we have a shortlist of things we think you’ll love to try out this holiday season.

Google Santa Tracker

Image courtesy of Google Santa Tracker, 

While the first item on our list isn’t an application, it is a very well designed website that has been optimized to run great on your phone as well as your PC. This website is awesome and packed full of fun, educational games, and videos, great for kids of various ages. The website also keeps a live countdown to the very second until Christmas, which we’re sure the little ones love to keep track of as they impatiently wait till Christmas. Thanks to the 5G and WiFi 6 of the REDMAGIC 5S, the website loads in incredibly fast and makes playing all the games all the videos a breeze! 

Then, to make it even better, on the day of Christmas Eve, they have a cute Santa Tracker running so everyone can watch Santa as he travels the globe, delivering gifts at the speed of magic!

You can check out their website here.


While the kids are off playing on Google Santa Tracker, the adults can check out Elfster’s awesome app to help make sure Christmas is still a magical day for everyone.

Elftster is a great site for anyone making wish lists or doing a Secret Santa event. It also makes Christmas shopping a breeze thanks to easy online shopping of gifts and giving great gift ideas. Using the app is easy and it syncs with the web browser version as well, making it just as easy to plan and shop for Christmas on the go with your phone as it is on your PC.

You can download the app here

Genshin Impact

Image courtesy of miHoYo, 

Genshin Impact had taken the mobile gaming world by storm a few months back and it is still a massively popular game, and for good reason, it’s really good! It’s also a great game to play during this holiday season while you have some quiet time between holiday obligations. Being free to play and with mobile and PC versions working seamlessly on the same server, it’s a great game to play together with friends and family as well. It’s not every day you get to explore such a beautiful, open-world game and save the day, fighting bad guys with friends and family.

If you want to learn more about the game, feel free to check out our blog about it, and get some early game tips and tricks as well.

Or you if would rather just skip and download it right away, you can find it on the Google Playstore.  Fair warning, this game isn’t for your average smartphone, we recommend you use one that is super powerful and doesn’t get hot easily, like a REDMAGIC 5G/5S.



Image courtesy of PUBG MOBILE, 

If playing a tactical game in your free time with your friends this holiday season is more your thing though, then you can’t go wrong with a classic like PUBG MOBILE, and now is a great time to play since they have launched their special Frost Festival event. During this Christmas themed event, you can play on a new ice castle themed map, enjoy a new snowboarding mechanic, collect presents and enjoy awesome Christmas vibes with the game all decorated up for the holiday. It’s usually frowned upon to play games over the holiday, but there aren’t many ways to bond that are better than to game it up together! And it’s even better when you’re playing on a phone designed to make games like PUBG easier thanks to shoulder triggers and other cool special tricks you can find in the REDMAGIC Game Space, like automatic recording features.

If you don’t have this classic installed right now, you can get here.


Real in-game image on the REDMAGIC 5S

It’s hard to believe but some people may not be using this powerful app to stay in touch with still. But it is an incredibly handy app, more so than ever this year with the extra need to be safe and careful this year. For most, it might be easier to just stay home and chat from afar using apps like Zoom or WhatsApp. For those that know and love WhatsApp, using it got a whole lot better with the REDMAGIC 5S. Thanks to the REDMAGIC 5S’s WhatsApp overlay feature, it’s now super easy to chat on the fly while gaming it up. Find yourself in the middle of a game and get a random WhatsApp message? No worries, just find a little safe corner to duck down into real quick, hit the WhatsApp icon in the Game Space pull out menu and it will put it into an overlay on top of the game, keeping you in-game while you quickly read the message and type out a reply without missing a beat in the game!

You can get WhatsApp here if you don’t have it.

If there’s an app you love or believe is a total must for this time of year, let us know on our social media pages.