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The Games to Play to Get That Full 144Hz Experience

Wondering how the REDMAGIC 5G’s industry leading 144Hz refresh rate on a 6.65 AMOLED display is going to affect your mobile gaming experience? It makes the display feel as smooth as butter as you scroll through windows or play through an intense game. Unbox Therapy described it as “very smooth and very snappy, when you pair 144Hz with Snapdragon 865, you're in business,” when he was unboxing the REDMAGIC 5G on his YouTube channel.

Visual courtesy of Unboxing Therapy, “Smartphone Screen Speed - Can You Spot The Difference?”,


Having a 144Hz refresh rate means that the screen will refresh its display 144 times a second, regardless of the frames per second (FPS) of the game or video on screen. This means it is possible to reach speeds as high as 144FPS on a 144Hz screen. According to MKBHD, the REDMAGIC 5G’s 144Hz screen “is the fastest phone screen in the world, for sure, that’s a fact.” That’s a level of speed and smooth game play that has to be experienced in order to truly understand it.

Since not every game on the Google Play Store can play at 144FPS yet, here is a list of games that we have made here at REDMAGIC so you can get the most out of your 144Hz display on the REDMAGIC 5G:


Real Racing 3

 Photo from the REDMAGIC Team Playing Real Racing 3 on the REDMAGIC 5G


Feel what real speed is like when you are racing your way to the finish line at 144FPS in Real Racing 3. 

Take the wheel of over 250 real cars such as cars from Aston Martin, McLaren, and Pagani and drive them on 19 real tracks from around the world. Able to race against other players in real time and with thousands of possible events, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of things to do. You can even complete the immersive feel by making use of the REDMAGIC 5G’s shoulder buttons, mapping them to the accelerator and brake, giving you easy, full control over your car as you race to victory.



Dead Trigger 2

Photo from the REDMAGIC Team playing Dead Trigger 2 on the REDMAGIC 5G


Experience the terror of a zombie apocalypse in all of its visceral horror on the smoothest mobile screen. 

Play as a survivor and work your way across the world as you wipe out the zombie horde in this FPS shooter. Unlock a wide variety of range and melee weapons as well as gadgets to battle the zombies with as you fight through over 600 scenarios with more being added in updates.

On the bright side, those jump scares will be a little less jumpy at 144FPS!



Bullet Force

Photo from the REDMAGIC Team playing Bullet Force on the REDMAGIC 5G

Take part in one of the fastest mobile FPS games out there with Bullet Force. 

Play online in fast paced 20 player matches in 4 different game modes, team deathmatch, conquest, free-for-all, and gun game. Make full use of over 20 weapons with various customizations to take your team to victory. For those times when there is no internet, you can still play offline against bots in skirmish and campaign modes.



Into the Dead

Photo from the REDMAGIC Team playing Into the Dead on the REDMAGIC 5G


In this flavor of the zombie apocalypse, there is only one option left for you to do, run, run, and run some more!  

Into the Dead is a simple concept to understand, but like all good games that are simple to understand, they get hard fast. In this game, you need to run through an ever thickening horde of zombies, pick up helpful items as you see them and most importantly, don’t get caught by the zombies. It is a visually stunning game that plays so smoothly at 144FPS that you can almost feel like you are there,  pushing your way through wooded forests, over fences or around zombies.



Some Honorable Mentions from the REDMAGIC Team:

Subway Surfer

Photo from the REDMAGIC Team playing Subway Surfer on the REDMAGIC 5G


Running games have always been a fun way to spend a few minutes while on the go or waiting for something. Of the available running games on the play store, Subway Surfer is the only one during the writing of this article that could reach up to 144FPS, making full use of the REDMAGIC 5G’s screen, giving a truly smooth gaming experience because of it.



Trials FrontierPhoto from the REDMAGIC Team playing Trials Frontier on the REDMAGIC 5G


A side scrolling motorcycle game for mobile based on the critically acclaimed Trials series, and it's now screaming fast on your gaming smartphone.

Race through over 250 unique tracks on over 15 different bikes and make a mockery of physics as you drive at insane speeds and pull off insane jumps and flips.


This list is just the tip of the iceberg really and as game developers make more games, we can expect to see even more making full use blazing fast displays and their 144Hz refresh rates.Did we miss any games in our list that you feel should be included? Let us know on our FacebookInstagram or Twitter.



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