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REDMAGIC 7S Pro Is Kicking Butts And Taking Names On COD: Mobile

REDMAGIC 7S Pro Is Kicking Butts And Taking Names On COD: Mobile


REDMAGIC 7S Pro - COD: Mobile


After putting the new REDMAGIC 7S Pro through its paces last week when we tested it out with Genshin Impact, we had to see how it plays our favorite FPS game, COD: Mobile. After setting aside the whole weekend and becoming a recluse, I got to enjoy a non-stop COD gameathon with the REDMAGIC 7S Pro

COD: Mobile Gameathon Takeaways And Highlights 

New Ghost In The Shell Themed Event

As always the new seasons for COD are always a treat and the current one at the time of this writing is a special Ghost In The Shell event. It included a plethora of new skins including an awesome MajorMotoko Kusanagi skin.  There are also of course loads of new gun skins and the like as well. A really cool addition to this special event was a campaign-like setting for the Battle Royal portion of COD: Mobile. You play go through a little briefing for the story, learn about some new NPCs, and at a new zone (or remodeled zone) on the Battle Royal map and play your way through the campaign missions unlocking sweet rewards.

Guns Blazing Mode

The featured game when we played was Guns Blazing, and I think it might be my favorite mode. The music alone when you go rage mode is so good, and I can’t get enough of it. Pretty much Guns Blazing is an 8-player free for all match where you get rage points for killing the other players or when you die. When you get enough rage points you can make yourself rage out. You get a larger health pool and two heavy machine guns akimbo style and you just go around wrecking the other players. Be careful though because while you have more health, it’s not a LOT more, so a crafty player can still take you out easily enough. It’s a super fun mode though and is a nice change-up when you’re tired of playing ranked or battle royal.

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - COD: Mobile

Tactics That Will Make You A Pro

Seriously, if you are having trouble with COD: Mobile and don’t have the patience to master the art of sliding and jumping, there are still ways to come out on top and it all comes down to are tactics. 

The Mini-map

First, the map is your friend, it is your best friend, and it will not only save your life but also help you get kills, so get used to keeping an eye on it while running around. It will also help you build better awareness of the maps if you’re new to the game. When playing I keep my eye on it looking for dots popping up or for where the other team’s spawn location may be based on the position of my own team. It is also helpful in domination games so you can try to react a little more preemptively when the other team might be trying to take one of your points. I even go as far as always using the UAV killstreak. I also enjoy using the Counter UAV killstreak and silenced weapons so my opponents can’t use the mini-map against me. 

Deny Kill Streaks

Ever since Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox 360, I have taken particular joy in denying kill streak rewards and still enjoy it to this day on COD: Mobile. For example, see fig. 1:

Fig. 1: It may not be the best tool, but it gets the job done

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - COD: Mobile

As you can see from fig. 1, you don’t need a rocket to take out airborne stuff. So when you can, destroy those offending killstreak rewards from the other team. Make them useless and a waste of their time!! Watch as the morale of the other team plummet when they see their precious UAVs and attack helicopters come crashing down while you soak in all the extra points for taking them out. Also, on a more practical side of things, if you kill the killstreak reward, the other team can no longer benefit from it. It’s really a win-win to always take them down when you can.


Similar to the advice about watching the mini-map, positioning in COD: Mobile can you a serious advantage over your opponents. Even if they are those uber sliding and jumping kids, catching them out of position will ruin their day too.

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - COD: Mobile

Every map in COD has had choke points and kill boxes, be they doorways, corridors, roads, and the like. Knowing about these places, plus knowing where the enemy is likely to come from will allow you to place yourself on the proverbial “high ground” where all you have to do is chill for a second and wait for them to come to you. That said, never chill in one place too long, always keep moving, always keep looking around, and strafing is always your friend.

Our Best Tips For COD: Mobile

Since these two tips can be used at just about any time in the game, they are the two most helpful tips we could share, pre-firing, and running away to fight another day. Running away to fight another day is pretty self-explanatory. Someone got the jump on you and started shooting you first, so the best thing you can do is to put some kind of cover between you and your opponent. Then catch them as they chase you or let a teammate get them as they chase you, cause they will always chase you. Pre-firing is simple but sounds fancy. All you’re doing is opening fire before you’re totally around the corner or aiming down sights so you are already shooting by the time you’re aiming at the target. This either leads the other guy to be walking into your bullets or taking hits before they have totally aimed down sites themselves to hit you. It wastes a little bit of ammo, but it’s worth it. To see what these two tips look like in game, refer to fig. 2.

Fig.2: Those who shoot first win, and running away is sometimes the better option

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - COD: Mobile

Time To Start Winning

Now with all of this wisdom before you, I expect to be having more difficulty in my own matches. Good luck out there soldiers!