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Games That Take Your REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s 120Hz to the Max


Have you ever heard of the German Autobahn? According to A-Z Animals, it’s the fastest road in the world where those who are privileged enough can max out their car’s speed limit to their hearts desire. There’s a few other roads and highways around the world that permit you to drive with no limits, because what’s the point of having a powerful machine if you can’t push it to the max every once in a while? Similarly, having a powerful gaming smartphone and no demanding games to test it out on can feel like a waste of power, and it’s good to know which games will give you an Autobahn experience of your device when you need it.

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro is a powerhouse of a smartphone, boasting a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate that promises an incredibly smooth gaming experience. To make the most of this impressive display, you need games that are optimized for high refresh rates. Here are five games that will truly showcase the capabilities of your REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s 120Hz screen.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has long been a favorite among mobile gamers, and its high-octane, battle royale gameplay is perfectly suited for the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s 120Hz screen. After the latest update, the REDMAGIC 9 and 8 Series can enjoy 120 FPS in the game! The increased refresh rate ensures ultra-smooth visuals, making every movement and action more responsive. Whether you’re parachuting into the battlefield, engaging in intense firefights, or scoping out enemies from afar, the fluidity of 120Hz enhances the overall experience, giving you a competitive edge.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is another title that shines on the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. The game’s fast-paced action, high-quality graphics, and detailed environments benefit immensely from the 120Hz refresh rate. From quick reflexes in multiplayer modes to the immersive experience of its battle royale mode, every frame counts. The high refresh rate reduces motion blur and provides a more responsive feel, allowing you to enjoy a more precise and enjoyable gameplay experience.

CSR Racing 2

For racing game enthusiasts, CSR Racing 2 offers a visually stunning experience that takes full advantage of the 120Hz screen on the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. The game’s detailed car models, realistic environments, and fast-paced drag races look incredible at higher refresh rates. The smoother animations and rapid responsiveness not only make the game more enjoyable but also help improve your reaction times during races, giving you an edge over your competitors. 


Hitman GO

Hitman GO may not be as action-packed as the other games on this list, but its unique puzzle-based gameplay is beautifully enhanced by the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s display. The game’s clean, diorama-style graphics look incredibly sharp and fluid at 120Hz. Every move you make is rendered with exceptional smoothness, adding to the overall aesthetic pleasure and making the strategic planning even more engaging.


Start Your Engine and Get Ready to Game 


Just as the Autobahn allows drivers to unleash the full potential of their cars, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s 120Hz refresh rate enables gamers to experience their favorite games in a whole new way. The smooth, responsive visuals provided by the high refresh rate transform your gaming sessions, making each action more immersive and enjoyable. 

Whether you’re diving into the intense battles of PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, racing through the stunning environments of CSR Racing 2 and Asphalt 9: Legends, or strategizing in the elegant puzzles of Hitman GO, these games will help you fully appreciate the powerhouse that is the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. So, rev up your device and take these games for a spin to truly experience the difference a 120Hz display can make.