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Beast Out On These New And Upcoming Games On The REDMAGIC 6S Pro

Looking for some great new games to throw hours into on your REDMAGIC 6S Pro? Or maybe some upcoming games that you can’t wait to play? We got a shortlist just for you then. We’ve been dumping hours of free time into Pokémon Unite and Marvel: Future Revolutions and loving every minute of them with the REDMAGIC 6S Pro while drooling in anticipation for two upcoming games that we can’t wait to play. What makes these games so great on REDMAGIC 6S Pro we think? Let us tell ya about them then.

Games You Dominate On REDMAGIC 6S Pro Right Now!

Pokémon Unite

Let’s start with the ever-lovable Pokémon series with their latest game, Pokémon Unite. On the surface, Pokémon Unite is their first attempt into the MOBA genre, but the more we played, the more we loved it. Unlike a lot of MOBAs, there are no waves of creep to farm or items to buy or towers that deal massive damage. Instead in this version, you can have a few items that you select for your Pokémon out of game and when in-game, you defeat other Pokémon that spawn throughout the map for experience and the other team. If you get the final hit or collect the golden Pokéballs for defeating an opponent you will get a little build of points that you can use to capture the opposing team’s capture point. The map has also been simplified to help encourage the fast pace of the game since you’re not going back to base to buy items, it is just two lanes with a jungle in between and 3 main Pokémon spawns that give big team-wide buffs to help win the game. They will either make it possible to capture a control point much faster than usual, give out experience to the team, or if you beat the Zapdos after the 2-minute mark, it will give your team points to help win and make scoring instantaneous for 30 seconds. How do you win though? Simple, score more points than the other team by farming the Pokémon spawns throughout the map, defeating players on the other team, and capturing the control points.

That may all seem like quite a bit of information if you’ve never played the game before, no worries we were overwhelmed at first too. Here’s what we did when we first started playing the game to get a feel for it and have a lot of fun at the same time. At the time we were solo queuing when we first started and unlike our strategy when we solo queued in other MOBAs, we played damage-dealing carries like Pikachu. We found that we had more fun and also won more games by doing our best to carry the game, go figure! Pikachu might be small and look squishy, but just like the show and every game he’s been in before, he packs a PUNCH and it’s fun as hell to play as him. From there we just played it carefully, learning the game, and eventually started to find others to play with and it snowballed into a great time. For yourself, we recommend that you also find a carry that you enjoy and try out the different carry items like Muscle Band and see how far you can go.

Marvel Future Revolution

Ever since we first saw this game, we knew we had to play it on the REDMAGIC 6S Pro. Its beautiful AAA graphics and fast-paced RPG action make it a perfect game to play on the REDMAGIC 6S Pro. In this awesome game, you take control of some of your favorite Marvel heroes and then customize them as you level up, getting powerful skills and new costumes unique to this game. How you level up your skills and the armor you equip on them will make each hero uniquely yours as you play the game, defeating bad guys and generally saving the day. 

We’ve always been diehard Spider-man fans here so we mained with Spider-man first. But one of the wonderful things about this game is that you can play a multitude of different heroes from Marvel, like Captain America, Black Widow, Storm, Iron Man, and more. We found pretty early on that while it is great to pick one to be your main, you will need to pick a few others as well and level them up too so you can increase your squad power. The squad power is what allows you to progress further in the game and the more characters you level up, the more rewards you get, so it’s a win-win really. To really min-max your characters and progress we recommend watching the DM: Marvel Future Revolution YouTube channel. He makes content solely for Marvel Future Revolution on this channel and has a wealth of information and tips about the game to share. Without the info we learned from his videos, we’re sure we would have made lots of silly mistakes as we tried to grind our heroes to success.

Upcoming Titles We Literally Can’t Wait For

Battlefield Mobile

It’s hard to believe, but Battlefield, one of the greatest FPS games of all time is coming to mobile, and we can’t wait to play it on the REDMAGIC 6S Pro. If you haven’t played a Battlefield game before, here’s a quick description of it. It’s a massive combined arms FPS game that pits teams of dozens of players against each other on massive, complex maps with various vehicles for players to control including ATVs, tanks, helicopters, and jets. In the most recent versions of the games, they have added environmental destruction for a more realistic gameplay and ever-changing battlefield. What we’ve seen from the mobile version is much the same on all accounts so far except for the air vehicles, but some intrepid players have already found helicopter and jet control UIs in the game, so they are likely to come. Right now in the closed alpha of the game, we have only seen one map but it should be a familiar map to die-hard fans along with classes ground vehicles. To see for yourself what this mobile version of Battlefield will look like, we recommend that you take a look at ExxoticGaming’s recent video about it while he plays a couple of matches of the game of the recent Alpha test.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

This game has kinda snuck up on us, but I don’t know if we’ve been as excited for a game before quite as much as we have for this awesome story-driven RPG. Unlike other Final Fantasy VII games we have seen come to mobile, this will not be a simple port, but a fully developed remake of the game for mobile devices, meaning it’s going to be truly awesome and enjoyable to play on mobile. Now I know what you’re thinking, why are we so excited about this title? Because it’s ALL of Final Fantasy VII with upgraded stylized graphics, with even more content than before, and for the people in the back, designed for mobile gaming. Now if you have not played Final Fantasy VII before, then I am sorry you had a disappointing childhood, but guess what, you’ll get to experience one of the coolest story-driven RPGs in gaming history, and you’ll get to play it wherever or whenever you want on your REDMAGIC 6S Pro! Some changes we can expect besides the updated graphics is that it looks like combat will not be turn-based like it was in the original but more similar to modern Final Fantasy titles. They also say there will be new areas and new combat as well coming with this new version of this classic RPG. Scheduled to come out in 2022, we will be keeping a close eye on this game for sure.

What Games Are You Playing?

These are the games that have been taking up our free time and what we’re looking forward to trying next. What about you? What games are you dumping hours into or looking forward to? Let us know on our social media pages like Facebook or Twitter.