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An Apex player, a PUBG player, a CoD player, and a Gacha gamer walk into a bar...

 The gaming community is full of awesome and great players. Have ever wanted to have a chance to sit down and chat them up? We were lucky enough to do just that with 4 mobile gaming content creators recently and ask them a little about how they got into video games and what they hope to see in the future. Here’s what they had to say.


Give yourself a quick introduction!


XiFan Mobile - Hello guys this is Xifan. I am a professional PUBG Mobile player in North America and also a content creator on YouTube. Besides playing mobile games, I also review and test smartphone’s gaming capabilities. If you are into mobile gaming and gaming phones, make sure you drop me a follow there - @XiFanPUBGM

ImOwFromYTMy Name is Owen, known as ImOw in the gaming world. 25 years of age, ex military and a Ninja Warrior Finalist!

You can find me on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram -@ImOwFromYT

FG3000 - What's going on!? I'm FG3000 from my channel is focused on all things mobile gaming!!

Profusy - Hey guys my name is Profusy and I’m a Call of Duty Mobile Content Creator, You can check me out at and Twitter @Profusyy.

What was your first experience with video games?


XiFan Mobile -  I played one of the Pokemon games on my very first handheld console Gameboy when I was a child. That was a great memory.

ImOw --My first ever time touching any sort of gaming machine was back when I was around 5/6 years of age with the Super Nintendo, and even at that point I knew I wasn't just an average gamer, but a super competitive gamer, who wanted to complete games as fast as possible, and to this very day I strive for greatness in any game I play.

FG3000 - My earliest memory is sneaking into my parents’ room and playing duck hunt when they were at work, LOL. As a kid, I thought they were too old for games but they were in their 20's! Funny stuff looking back

Profusy - My first Video game experience was I think MLB on the PlayStation 1 


What’s your favourite video game currently and all-time?


XiFan Mobile - My favorite video game would be the one I am playing right now. PUBG MOBILE. It is the first battle royale I have ever tried and fell in love with.

ImOw - Currently my favourite game is Apex Legends Mobile, and my all-time favorite game was Halo 3

FG3000 - My fav game right now on mobile is Punishing Grey Raven. All-time? It's not even close, Final Fantasy 4, I've replayed it a dozen times.

Profusy - I got to give my favorite video game to Call of Duty Ghosts it was by far my favorite Call of duty, but all-time has to be Call of Duty Mobile

Who is your favorite video game character of all time?


XiFan Mobile - Probably Charizard from the Pokémon series.

ImOw - Ohh boy... This is easy, Sly Cooper! What a fantastic game that was too.

FG3000 - Laharl from Disgaea! 

Profusy - Keegan from call of duty ghosts, that man is a stone-cold killer


How did you get into content creation/streaming?


XiFan Mobile - After I became a pro player, I realized no other pro players were actually sharing pro tips and tricks to non-pro players and beginners. I wanted to help and do everything I can to help my viewers and fans play better. That’s when I started content creation.

ImOw - I've grown up watching YouTube grow and watching how normal hardcore gamers like myself grew and made something for themselves by doing it. So I got into streaming CS:GO and averaged around 500+ viewers on Twitch before going into the military, by the time my service came to an end and I came home I was back to 1 viewer, which at that point I moved over to mobile gaming and have never looked back!

FG3000 - I started Youtube because I couldn't really find anyone local to geek out with. So I figured, why not start a community! And here we are, years later :)

Profusy - My family always told me I was really good at video games and I should just make videos about it for fun so I started that way and I don’t think I’m stopping any time soon!

Which upcoming mobile game are you definitely going to stream/create content on?


XiFan Mobile - I am just going to stream and create content for PUBG MOBILE as long as I am still a professional player. The grind never stops.

ImOw - Apex Legends Mobile, Valorant Mobile, War In Arms ( A game myself and my company are developing so keep an eye out, as this will be a futuristic CQB rainbow six siege type game)

FG3000 - Marvel Future Revolution in the near term, I love love love the Marvel universe. 

Profusy - The new Call of Duty Battle Royal that’s possibly releasing 


What PC/console game would you love to see ported to Android?


ImOw - I would love to see Halo come across to Mobile!

FG3000 - Honestly, NOTHING! I love how mobile is creating its own new fresh experiences designed with touch screens in mind.

Profusy - Warzone!! Warzone should make it’s way to our handheld devices 

Where do you see mobile gaming in 5 years?


XiFan Mobile - I think mobile gaming is rising really fast in the gaming world, with higher performance phones coming out year after year.

ImOw - Mobile Gaming will take over by then, the technology would have advanced and there would be no need for these huge PCs, just look at REDMAGIC currently and what they put into the devices, it's a mini gaming PC!

FG3000 - In 5 years I see mobile closing the gap graphically to current consoles. Also I foresee a huge push for cross platform, play anywhere type gaming especially with Windows 11. 

Profusy - As we see many more games making they’re way to the mobile scene, with how convenient it is to play on handheld devices, mobile gaming is the future! We’re going to see many more games make their way to mobile and I’m excited to be a part of the growth.


What’s your favorite feature of the REDMAGIC 6? 


XiFan Mobile - I just love the fact that it has a 165hz display. Not every mobile game can hit 165fps currently. But the smoothness the display brings out really satisfies me as a pro player. I don’t think we should ask for anything more than 165hz display for a while in the upcoming years.

ImOw - Has to be the full customization of GPU and CPU performance levels, being able to control these are crucial for being able to maintain a good temperature for your phone as this has a big impact on FPS! Hot device = Low FPS

FG3000 -  The air triggers and on screen crosshair! They make a massive difference in games like PUBG, I legit almost feel like I'm cheating lol

Profusy - There are so many features to choose from, from the super fast NEOCHARGING, to the GAME MODE SWITCH, to the 165hz Refresh rate, it’s Jam packed with features I can’t really choose from I got to give it to the Neo!

How does the REDMAGIC 6 stack up against other smartphones you have used?


XiFan Mobile - 

ImOw - - I've done a fair amount of Phone sponsor videos, and none come even close! 

FG3000 - I've used ONLY REDMAGIC phones since they were available, I don't even look elsewhere. A near raw Android OS with gaming enhancements that actually make sense, such as video recording WITH SOUND! Game changer. 

Profusy - it blows them out the water it’s not even a contest, REDMAGIC is the smoothest experience I had on a smartphone device and I have a lot of devices!


Gaming Smartphones have taken a major leap in the past few years. What do you want to see next for gaming smartphones?


XiFan Mobile - For the upcoming gaming smartphones, Firstly, I definitely want a more powerful and energy efficient chip to go with it. It is the core for driving more fps on the mobile games we play. Besides, I would also appreciate a better and efficient cooling to be added on gaming smartphones, preventing fps drops for a long session of gaming. Last but not least, I want gaming smartphones to be lightweight, preventing fatigue on mobile gamers’ wrist. Few grams of difference may not seem to be huge, but trust me, it matters a lot when you play games nonstop for a few hours. This is often ignored by the manufacturers as they add more features on the phone. I hope it is something to be noted.

ImOw - I want to see a solid HDMI output resolution of 16.9 aspect ratio, because currently every mobile phone once plugged into a capture card doesn't fill up the screen in OBS, which means you're left with black bars or you need to stretch the image to fit on a 1920x1080 canvas. So having a screen size to fit this aspect ratio would be a huge factor for mobile creators.

I would also love to see the first-ever water-cooled RGB gaming device... Now that would be cool!

FG3000 - I'd love to see a gaming smartphone take a risk and try to adjust the ergonomics a bit, I don't think the standard slate design all phones use is great for long gaming sessions.

Profusy - I just want to see them get stronger and faster, with the REDMAGIC 6 Pro I basically have a PC directly in my hands, I can't even imagine it getting stronger!


It was great to talk to these guys and pick their brains about how it all began for them all the way up to what they hope for in the future. If you want to see more from these content creators, you can find them on YouTube and watch their videos for hours on end. In fact, I think there are some tips from XiFan for PUBG we need to get refreshed on. Gotta stay in the game and be ready for when PUBG: New State drops!